In this article you will learn how to onboard a customer by using the GrowthBond sales formula. Please watch the introduction video to the sales methodology, if you have not already seen it:

The first step is to research the clients facebook page and send them an action plan. You can use a powerpoint pitch templates from our library:

2) The pitch should include 6-8 target personas as potential clients for your customer. The pitch should include a description, a picture and key attributes of each segment. 


2) Furthermore, the pitch should include 2-3 ad text and images for each target segments. You should write a suggestion to  the specific text and pictures you are planning to use for each segment.

3) Thirdly, the pitch should include a customized chatbot flow for each segment that guides the users through different steps towards the purchase of a product or a service. 

When you have prepared the pitch you should send to the clients together with the request to comment on the target audiences,  ad examples and custom flow. 

The company is the best one to understand their different types of customers and how to sell to them. So you should ask them for their specific input to target segments, ads and flows. 

You can send them the following message explaining them the need for identifying a target segment together with a picture explaining the concept. 

When you get feedback on the different segments you can ask how would be the best way to sell to these different segments:

Finally, you can ask them with feedback on your different flows in the chatbot. You can use the screenshot of the slide to send as a part of the message as it can seen below to explain the concept to the user. 

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