We're excited to announce our new dropshipping marketplace shop.growthbond.co that enable you to make money by running facebook campaigns for dropshipping products. 

We offer to fund your facebook advertising campaigns, if you just create a facebook page with a target market and apply with repayment from your paypal account or credit card. 

We have setup the marketplace with shopify and Oberlo dropshipping, which makes it fast and easy for you to make money by running dropshipping campaigns. Here is how it works:

So the first step to get you started is to find a product you can promote and sell. Here is a video about 10 product you could start running facebook ads for.

You can choose a product or you can choose a niche to focus on for your dropshipping business:

In the following video you learn how to spot winning products before your competitors.

Here is how you find and import products into our GrowthBond marketplace:

Here are three really good videos on how to run facebook ads for dropshipping products.

Once you have a developed a dropshipping strategy you can apply for funding on www.growthbond.co to get money to run your online advertising. Here is a great video that explain the budget to run a dropshipping business:

Here is how the budget would look like without GrowthBond:

With GrowthBond we cover the cost of a shopify store, a domain name, apps and we fund the initial marketing budget of 250 USD. So you're investing your time learning what customers want which is by far the greatest learning experience you can get. 

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