Your role as a certified marketing experts is to setup and run campaigns based on an online marketing funnel.

This funnel can be setup based on the following structure and subtasks.

You can learn how to solve these tasks from each course on our academy: So each task in the outline above correspond to a course on our academy.

When you have completed each of these course you can create a job for each of the tasks on our expert portal: 

Your profile will end up with small jobs for customers to buy individually depending on their specific needs. Here is an example of a freelance profile with jobs in each stage of the funnel:

You can check out the profile here:

You can get started by enrolling in our Facebook advertising course: ( and learn the specific process of setting up facebook ads and provide customers with leads. This skills can be posted as a job on the expert profile and will be the starting point when working on customers campaigns.

The second step is to learn how to setup a landing page for your facebook advertising by enrolling in our landing page design  course: This course will teach you how to send your facebook traffic to a landing page in unbounce wich can be created as a job on the expert portal

The next step is to create a chatbot to send your traffic from facebook ads into an chatbot: . This course will teach you how to connect facebook ads to a chatbot and direct users to your ultimate landing page.

You can enroll in our all our courses and end up with the skills to master the entire process from Facebook advertising, over a chatbot, a landing page and a payment gateway to manage payments.

You can watch the following videos to get an overview of how to setup and run online campaigns with a full marketing funnel.

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