You can launch GrowthBond in your country based on a 60/40% revenue-sharing model in your favor. You get paid out 60% of all revenue generated from GrowthBond in your country. 

We'll setup and fund a proven marketing funnel to attract companies and freelancers while you 1) operate and optimize the campaign , 2) run local training in internet marketing and freelancing, 3) support experts with their campaigns to avoid default on funded companies. Here is how you make money:

1. Our internet marketing courses are for free, but freelancers can pay for classroom/online training courses with you as the mentor. You can check out all our country specific on the following link:

You receive 80% of all the revenue generated from the courses with you as the instructor. 

2.  You get 60% of all the revenue from the companies getting funding and repaying on the GrowthBond platform:

3. You get 60% of all commission from freelancers earning on our expert portal:

As a country manager you are responsible for the entire funnel of promoting potential internet marketing freelancers with online marketing and enroll them in a classroom training to become certified GrowthBond experts.

GrowthBond has the following setup managed by our country managers to get students from the top to the bottom of the funnel:

The following table provides an overview of the timeline, milestone and major deliveries when opening a new country.

Our country managers are top rated freelancers with a proven track record on the major freelance portals:

You are responsible for getting funding from GrowthBond to run Facebook ads. You can use existing  advertising setup and experiment with different type of messaging:

You manage the Facebook page with content to inspire and engage potential students:

The Facebook page is managed with an existing  content calendar to be published from the page:

The facebook page is mainly used to broadcast live seminars and tutorials for online students to follow:

The main destination of your facebook ads is the chatbot to guide and follow up on potential students:

Example of messages being sent to follow up with students:

You manage a Facebook group for p2p students communication:

From Facebook your potential students can enroll in our free online courses on the academy::

The main goal of this internet marketing funnel is to sell a classroom training course to onboard the students as a freelancer on GrowthBond and other international freelance portals.

The classroom training is normally a 3 month course with two 4 hours sessions every week.

We setup a tracking sheet to monitor the progress of the students in terms of completing the courses, creating a job based on the acquired skills and if the students have been hired.

To achieve the best results in the online marketplace community, we provide students with a range of CV, pitch, and proposal templates that they could customize to fit their profiles and jobs (LINK).

Please watch the following video to see the online marketing setup:

To get the best possible reach, we set a schedule during the preparation for live promotional seminars:

4 hours work weekly live promotional seminars

1 hour for promotional activities: 

  1. Broadcast message to students on chatfuel
  2. Send reminder email about live class on mailchimp
  3. Post update from the Facebook page 
  4. Post success story in the Facebook group

1 hour to prepare for the live class - prepare agenda/material

  1. Prepare PPT presentation
  2. Prepare real case study 
  3. Prepare student assignment 

2 hours of live class on Facebook

  1. 1-hour follow up on student questions and assignments
  2. Follow up on student questions in the Facebook inbox 
  3. Check peergrade assignments
  4. Check student jobs 
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