Welcome to this brief introduction to the GrowthBond Sales formula which is the doctrine and methodology behind internet marketing campaigns we fund. The starting point of the formula is the sales funnel from running ads to closing a sale in an online process.

The setup behind this funnel is a set of tools and platforms used in each stage of the funnel. The overview below illustrates the different steps and practical tasks associated with setting up an internet marketing campaign.

Please watch this introduction video with the founder of GrowthBond that present the Sales Formula.

The first step of the funnel is to setup targeting on Facebook and Google. This step involves the definition of personas to target with campaigns.

The second step is to test messaging with ads targeted the defined personas as the target audience.

Please watch this video that explain how we are running ads targeted small businesses:

The third step is to use a chatbot to guide and assist the visitors in the same way as a physical store provide a sales assistant to help customers.

Please watch this video that explain how we use a chatbot in GrowhtBond to operate sales and customer support on scale.

The fourth step is to use a landing page to persuade and convert visitors into actual customers.

The fifth step is a webshop or a payment gateway to execute the transaction of the sales.

Once the full funnel is setup you can focus on running campaigns and push people down the funnel with content targeted people in each stage of the funnel.

You can learn to apply this methodology by enrolling in our online academy on: https://academy.growthbond.co/. We offer a total of five different courses starting with Facebook advertising. As illustrated below the facebook course will teach you to master the process of setting up a facebook campaign and deliver leads to your customers on email or in a spreadsheet. You can offer this service on our expert marketplace https://experts.growthbond.co/ from your profile. And it will the initial step when working for funded companies by GrowthBond.

As you can see the different courses each teached you a specific process that you can offer as a service on the expert marketplace. When you have completed all courses you can offer 5 different services from your expert profile and you can combine the different services to build a A-Z campaign for funded companies with Facebook/Google ads, a landing page, a chatbot, automated email flow and a shopify webshop. 

You can charge different price levels for your services depending on your expert level on the freelance portals. You start on level one where you can charge a monthly fee for each of your services. You can increase the price as you gain  more experience and reach level 2 as a certified expert.

You can watch the following two videos where the founder explain how GrowthBond is using intercom to manage the platform with internet automation

The following video provides an overview of how internet marketing experts are being attracted and educated to join the marketplace of experts to serve the funded companies.  

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