We only fund campaigns with a positive business case, which means we only make money, if you make money. That's why are the requirements important. You can get the funding from us when you meet them.


  • 1. The most important thing is that your business is clearly presented and focused on what you do and for who you are doing it. Most of the time we reject the companies because their business was not clear. 
  • 2. You have to have facebook business page. You need it to apply and work with us. We are going to review it to determine what kind of business you are and if you are real. IT IS IMPORTANT that your facebook business page is clear in what you do. We can easily spot false businesses. 

Here is the example of rejected application facebook business page: 

This business has small audience: 22. The business is not clear to us because it has no logo, no posts, anything clear to let us know what the business provides. 

Here is the example of the approved application and correct facebook business page: 

 https://www.facebook.com/LocalSouthAfrica/ . This business completed the application, and have real business ( mobile app) and have 1,500 likes and website.

  • 3. Go to https://www.growthbond.co/ and click the button "Apply now" for funding.
  • 4. Complete the application for funding until the end and submit. Don't miss any field. Check double times your email is VALID. Here is the article how to apply: link

We also need you to create a target ROI calculation that we can use as the goal of the campaign we will fund. You will find this ROI calculation while you are applying.

You can always post a request for a marketing expert to assist you with the ROI calculation, if you find it hard or difficult to create.

You can learn how to post a request for a certified marketing expert on the following link: http://www.growthbond.co/request/

Here are the basic terms of the first fund:

the first fund is 100 USD as the following:-

  • 20 USD is paid to the certified marketing expert you have chosen. The amount is credited to your profile on https://experts.growthbond.co.You can use these 20 USD to hire the freelancer to manage your facebook page, post content and setup facebook advertising  You can mark the job as completed to pay the certified freelancer and leave a rating and review.
  • 80 USD is disbursed in four tranches (20 USD/week when campaign is started) to a facebook advertising account we create on your behalf to pay for advertising.

The Repayment will start once your assigned Expert Starts the work with you. 

Here are the Repayments details (Total Amount of Repayment is 120 USD):
5 USD: after the expert prepares your chatbot and before launch the first campaign.
10 USD: after the First Campaign Finish.
20 USD: after the Second Campaign Finish.
35 USD: after the Third Campaign Finish.
50 USD: after the Fourth Campaign Finish.

Once you have repaid the initial 100 USD in funding we would offer a higher amount to fund your online marketing. 


Our goal is to get you more sales, leads and profit. We will work on it with our experts who are proven to achieve these goals. You will repay your fund as you grow. Only thing you need is to get the application process right. Ask us for the support if is something still unclear. We would like to encourage you to go through this article at least twice to be sure everything is right. 

Good luck and hopefully see you soon with the approved application!


GrowthBond Team

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