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we prepared for you a step by step guide after which you will be 100% clear how to launch a campaign! 🚀 

After this guide you've got this! 

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When we assign the leads to you, you will receive an email with details of the leads and the basic of the fund. After that you should do the following:

1.  contact with the leads via your GrowthBond account and Facebook pages. 

2. Send a custom offer to the leads through GrowthBond (when you visit the lead's profile and click on contact me you will see "send custom offer button")

  • the custom offer will be 20$ as the cost and 30 days as duration.

3. prepare the action plan for the campaigns according to the leads objectives, which should contain:

  • objectives
  • target audiences
  • ad text abs picture
  • duration
  •  budget
  • 4 campaigns/ 4 weeks one campaign on each week with budget 20$ for each campaign)

4. send the action plan to GrowthBond team to check it and give feedback.

5. send the action plan to the leads after an update according to the feedback. 

6. launch the first campaign 

  • 20$ as budget
  • 1 week as duration.

7. you have to tell the GrowthBond team

  •  when you finish and stop your campaign. Contact Hamam via the link.
  • send the report of the results to the lead.

8. GrowthBond is going to contact  the leads and ask them to repay the 1st transaction. 👍 

9. when the repayment is done, GrowthBond team will tell you to launch the 2nd campaign. We'll repeat the same process until the 4th campaign and make the total repayment 120$


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