We are exited to introduce you a new feature on our job portal called "DISCOUNTS". 

Offering discounts for your job can GIVE you a lot of ADVANTAGES. 

What are they? 🕶

  • Quickly draw buyers into your profile 🚀
  • Get buyers attention (anytime you tell a customer that he can save money, you’re likely to get his attention) 🕶
  • Attracting new and repeat buyers with making the discount temporary ⌛️⏳



  1. Hover on your profile and search Discounts. 


2. You are going to enter the section below


3. Fill out the Coupon (discount)

- Discount name ( for example: 5% Discount for Social media Ad service ) 

- Only for user (s) Here you can choose if you want to make your discount available just for the specific user or for ALL. 

- Discount type (you can choose to have your discount value in Percent or Fixed)

- Discount Value (set your discount value in percentage or fixed. For example 5% or 5 USD)

-  Set the start date and end date of the discount.  This can attract the new and repeat buyers with making the discount temporary ⌛️⏳

( Because buyers prefer buying things on discounts, it attracts them more. If your discount is available only for a certain amount of days, make sure to mention it. Buyers are more likely to rush if they know they only have a few days to buy your service)

- Set the Total number of uses

- Set Minimum amount. (for example if a Job has value 5 USD only, then usd 5 discount can not apply for that low value Job. For example, as a freelancer you have 10 jobs ranging from USD 5 to USD 500 and you created a discount coupon of USD 5 amount. You need to set the condition and it is : usd 5 discount will be available only on minimum of USD 100 value job only. So you write Minimum amount 100 USD.)

- Make sure to specify if the discount code should be limited once per customer before saving


4. See your discount code

Click on "All coupons"

Copy paste your code. Send it to customer :)


Buyer can go to your profile and insert the code before buying your service.


Discounts may be that one ingredient that can bring your business success.

Try it today 😎 https://experts.growthbond.co/discounts/

For the extra support with creating your discount, use our help 



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