Hi. We prepared for you the pro tips  to ensure you have the best  bid proposal to increase your chances of getting the work you desire to get. 

  1. Create content as professional.  
  • The best you can do in the beginning is to show to company that you have read the project description and you understand what is being required from you. 
  • Make sure that your proposal is relevant to the tasks specified on the project description. 
  • Explain with clear explanation your time frame estimates and budget estimates. Make sure your explanations are in relation to what the company wants.
  •  Always ask questions  if something is not clear for you. It will just show your interest to do your best. 

2. Introduce yourself like a pro. 

  • Give a short background of yourself, your passion and profession and combine it with how it complements your work performance. 
  • Explain your "Why you do what you do". 

  • It is always good to keep professional manner, but what makes the biggest difference is when you add your personality in your writing. It will help you to sound more as a human not a robot. It will creteas better connection between you and company. Show why you are unique.


3. Highlight your skills. Make sure to mention just relevant work experiences connected to the job offer. Invite the company to visit your portfolio or other documents where you can professionally present your work.  In this can the company can see if your work is what they are looking for.


4. Be modest Being confident is a great thing, but be careful to not be seen as being "too confident". Be honest about your qualification and qualities.  Don't be afraid to also write what you want to improve in the future for yourself. It will show that you are also aware of the things you need to work on, not just what is "perfect" on you. It is very good quality which companies are looking for. 


5. Double check everything. 

  • Double check if you didn't forget to include something. 
  • Review your grammar and spelling. 
  • Make a small pause before your bid. Make a short walk in the room, breathe a fresh air and come back to see your bid with the fresh eyes. Many times new great ideas and improvements will show up. 



What to avoid when bidding

Be pro, not beginner


  1. Don't use bids with the exact same content on multiple projects. 
  2. Don't provide low quality photos to the company when showing yourself or your work.
  3. Don't bid on projects you do not have the required skills or qualification.



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