We would like to give you some tips about what you should think when choosing the best bidder for your project. 


The Budget

  • eliminate experts who went over your indicated cost to shorten your bid list.
  •  use our build in chat and ask the expert to explain their bid price.
  • negotiate the project requirements and payments  until both side are satisfied. 


 Timeline of your project

  • eliminate bids if the deadline fall outside the range. 

(However, it is possible that our experts can require a longer time frame, especially if your deadline is too short for the work that the project requires. Always ask to our experts why they ask exactly for longer period of time to complete your project.)


Check Reviews/Feedback

  • The reviews and feedback of our experts can help you to predict the level of the service you can get. 

(However, we recommend to keep in mind that  the number of received reviews does not necessarily mean a better quality of the job delivery. New expert on our portal can have no reviews and actually be the best in the field. Always go trough the profiles of our experts to make sure you find the best match for your job.) 


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