Hello, we have created this guide to show you an overview on the exact steps you have to take after a company has hired you on experts.growthbond.co to create them an advertising campaign on Facebook.

The core of the action plan:

  • Research  the company
  • Create the target audience
  • Reach out to the company
  • Request the access to company's Facebook Page and Ad Account 
  • Create a Facebook Ad campaign in the ads manager
  • Monitor the campaign and adjust if necessary



Main task, role and objective: 

a) Create an effective advertising campaign based on the company’s needs.

b) Most common Campaign objectives: Traffic (Clicks to website), Engagement (Awareness, Social Proof), Lead generation, Conversions
c) Campaign duration: 2+ weeks

Action Plan 

Create profile and job. 

You have to create a Job on Experts.growthbond.co - this is the way the companies will hire you for the job - keep an eye on the portal to see when someone hires you.

If you don’t have an account yet:

Go to https://experts.growthbond.co/, create an account and fill out your profile

Post a new job

It must look something similar to this:

  1. https://experts.growthbond.co/jobs/social-media-marketing/i-will-setup-extraordinary-facebook-paid-ads-for-your-business/
  2. https://experts.growthbond.co/jobs/social-media-marketing/looking-for-new-ways-to-get-traffic-and-sales-with-facebook-ad-campaigns/

Research the company: 

Check information on the companies - Website, FB Page, Design Materials, Facebook posts.

What to check:

  1. Brand identity
  2. Tone of voice
  3. Services / Products the company provides 

Create a target audience based on the previous research 

Build a target audience persona for the company

  1. Age
  2. Interests
  3. Countries
  4. Behavior
  5. Family status
  6. Etc…

Reach out to the company - contact the company directly before creating the campaign.

Introduce yourself - who you are, what is your expertise and background

Ask additional questions to the company if the campaign goals/objectives are not clear. 

  • Come up with your own campaign ideas, if the campaign goals are not defined well enough
  • Create and send a campaign proposal to the company - campaign goal, target audience, visuals, call to action

Request access. 

Ask the company to invite you a advertiser for their Facebook page and Ads Manager (If they have one)

To request access yourself:
Business manager -> Accounts -> Pages -> Add -> Request access to a Facebook page
- The business will have to click on the notification, scroll down to the Agencies tab and accept the request.

a) If the company has not received funding through GrowthBond, use company's own Ads Manager

b) If the company has received funding through GrowthBond, create Ads Manager for the company under GrowthBond’s business manager

Create a Facebook advertising campaign in the Ads manager 

  • test multiple adsets and ad creatives to see which one works better

Iterate adsets after 2-3 days

  • kill the under-performing ones and keep running/scale ones that are performing well. 

Monitor the campaign until the allocated budget is spent

Prepare a Campaign report on the pre-defined criteria to the company

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