You can register in the expert using this link:

Next Steps:

 ✔️Profiles building.

 ✔️Job posting.

Profile Building:

The expert profile should include :

✅ Field of specialization (e.g Social media marketer, Social media specialist)

✅ A professional profile pictures.

✅ Description of what freelancers offer (their services: Including pictures)

✅ Previous works if they have one.

✅ Personal qualities or soft skills.

For more information check the profile below:

Jobs Posting:

✅ The job cost should be 5 USD.
✅ No shipping cost included.
✅ It has to be a fixed cost not on an hourly basis.
✅ Delivery time could be 30 days & as soon as the freelancer is done he can deliver his service.
✅The text of the job should be grammatically correct and classifies as sections based on what the freelancer wants to describe.

✅Pictures related to the job should be attached.

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